Senior DevOps Engineer


Posted March 29, 2023

What You'll Do

  • Manage continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipelines for multi-environment applications leveraging tooling, preferably GitLab CI
  • Deploy new applications and application environments, enhancements to existing applications, software packages, operating systems, and security patches
  • Lead, mentor and review code for a small team of DevOps engineers.
  • Manage, maintain, and monitor containerized applications.
  • Collaborate with other engineering staff in multiple time zones to ensure smooth and reliable operation of software and systems
  • Identify architectural changes to improve system performance, capability, and scalability of a wide variety of systems and environments
  • Respond to outages in a timely manner, restoring services or finding the proper resources to assist
  • Refine system/service monitoring prior to and in response to outages
  • Write tooling to bridge engineering efforts with company-wide tools
  • Monitor and test system performance; prepare and deliver system performance statistics and reports
  • Assist in the development and implementation of disaster recovery plans
  • Perform general documentation and diagramming
  • Train others on the systems and technologies you develop or help develop.
  • Conduct research on emerging technologies in support of systems development efforts, and recommend technologies that will increase cost effectiveness and systems flexibility
  • Participate in an on-call schedule responsible for the functions listed above
  • Conduct research into emerging technologies and trends, standards, and products as required

What You Need to Qualify

  • Minimum 10 years managing version control systems like Git
  • Minimum 10 years managing virtualization or containerization platforms such as OpenStack, Docker, LXD, or others
  • Minimum 10 years managing automation tooling such as Chef, Ansible, Puppet, Salt, Terraform, Cloudformation etc.
  • Minimum 5 years developing applications utilizing Javascript, .NET or Python, or other high level programming languages
  • Minimum 5 years managing applications in the AWS public cloud
  • Minimum 5 years leading a project
  • Minimum 5 years managing Linux environments
  • Ability to clearly articulate design and implementation choices
  • Proven experience with systems planning, security principles, and general software management best practices
  • Working technical knowledge of current software protocols and Internet standards, including TCP/IP, HTTP, DNS, SMTP, and others.
  • Competence with documentation practices, flowchart, and data mapping tools and procedures
  • Must be able to communicate in English fluently



G/F Suite - 1A & 2F, G.E. Antonino Bldg., J. Bocobo cor. T.M. Kalaw Sts.

Brgy. 666, Zone 072, Ermita, Manila 1000 Philippines


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